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Professional Background Searches

Please Note: Our searches ARE NOT consumer searches that you find on the internet. Our searches are from companies that provide information to lawyers, investigators, law enforcement, Government, and more. We pay for the ability to use these professional search engines, therefore they are more expensive than the consumer search companies.

Simply fill out the form requesting the type of search you are looking for, the reason you are seeking the information, and include as much information on the subject as possible. If you are a consumer, we can not provide SSN's. If you have one, it will make your search more accurate. We will send you a Pay Pal Invoice for payment. You don't need a Pay Pal account to use the service!


NOTE: We can not guarantee the accuracy of the searches. If you are seeking criminal record searches understand that there is NO database with all criminal records. Only the Police, FBI, and Governments have access to a national criminal record searches NCIC. Our searches compile data from many different sources. If you need more criminal records then we can search, the process must be done with actual document retrieval from courthouses. Please let us know. Additional fees will be required!

NOTE: There are no refunds so if you need assistance on what you are looking for, fill out the form and ask your question, we will get back to you.

Researching and Writing

Most Popular
"The Power Profile"
Price: $179.99

Description: Due to popular demand, we now have the Power Profile Search. This search will provide current and historical information on a Consumer Subject which will include:

SSN Verifier, DOB, Aliases, Address History, Neighbors, Possible Roommates, Possible Relatives, Other Occupants from Address, Phone Numbers from Address, Cell Phones from Address, Possible E-mail Addresses, Fictitious Business Names, Other Names from E-mail, E-mails from Address, High-Risk Address Check, Incident Logs, Death Index, Voter Registrations, Corporate Records, Business Affiliations, Businesses from Address, Bankruptcies, Civil Judgments, Tax Liens, Evictions, Aircraft Ownership, Real Property Ownership, Property Ownership by Address, Internet Domain Registrations.

Additional add on searches include. Results may include but not guaranteed: Criminal Records, Arrests, Warrants, Sex offender, Vehicles. ( For an additional fee )

Coverage: United States

Old Payphones

Telephone Search
Price: $79.99

Description: Phone searches are run through 10 databases including credit bureaus, private lists, public records, and may include unlisted and cell phone numbers. This information is updated daily.

Coverage: United States, all 50 States.

Data Cable Installation

People Search
Price: $99.99

Description: The people searches can be run in several ways. The SSN is the best way to conduct this search, which runs through Credit Bureau Records and 22 other private and public databases for the most complete people search available in the industry. Results may include but not guaranteed:


Current name, alias names, middle name or initial, current and historical addresses dating back over 20 years, current and previous phone information including cell phones and non-pub numbers, DOB, or YOB, Times reported to data provider, Current or previous Employer, Date of SSN issuance, reported Deceased.

Coverage: United States

Writing Letters

First Name & DOB
Price: $49.99

Description: This search uses the same databases as the people search but can possibly locate persons who have changed their names or women who have married.

Coverage: United States all 50 States.