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Political Consulting Services

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My primary duties as a political consultant have been the role of Campaign Manager, PR and Spokesperson (State Treasurer, State Reps), Advisor/Strategy (Governor, State Reps, Town Reps, State Senate)  Political Opposition Research (Local and National), Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and Video Production. I have professional connections nationally for Media Buys, PPC, Direct Mail, and More! For more information, feel free to contact me. All correspondence is 100% confidential.


Republican candidate for General Treasurer Kernan “Kerry” King is now refusing to release his state income tax returns after questions were raised about his Florida residency.


He also continues to demand that his Democratic opponent, Gina Raimondo, release her income tax returns.

According to his campaign manager and spokesperson Vic Pichette, the King campaign will no longer discuss their candidate’s income tax returns until Raimondo releases her information.

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Vic Pichette fourth time as a panelist at Operation Clean Governments Candidate School.

 "Opposition Research: Dealing with Rumors, Realities," with moderator Dave Layman and panelists Jeff Deckman, Vic Pichette, and Frank Ferri. Deckman and Pichette are campaign managers and Ferri is a recently elected representative.

Political consulting is a form of consulting that consists primarily of advising and assisting political campaigns. Although the most important role of political consultants is arguably the development and production of mass media (largely television and direct mail), consultants advise campaigns on many other activities, ranging from opposition research and voter polling to field strategy and get out the vote efforts.