After 30-Years 

I have seen and done it all!

Here is how I operate my business

1. We start by talking about the viability of your case (No Fee)

2. From there we set an appointment to meet or go over a plan  by phone 

3. We do not work without a retainer and the retainer is NOT refundable so let's have a plan.

4. In most cases, we can't guarantee results.

5. We do NOT do anything ILLEGAL, regardless of what you might think is legal. Example: We do not place covert GPS units on vehicles unless the title is in your name or it's your business vehicle.

6. We can not obtain Cell Phone Records

7. If we are asked to drop what we are doing for an emergency assist, it will cost extra.

8. If your retainer runs out, work will cease until the retainer is refilled. 

9. We charge for mileage and expenses

10. All cases require a 4-hour minimum. If we are asked to check on something and it's 1 hour, you will be charged for 4-hour

11. We have the right to refuse any case or surveillance even if you have a contract with us. 

12. We are very serious about what we do, please be respectful and take our advice. If you become a difficult client, we will drop the investigation and you will lose your retainer.


Thank You and I look forward to assisting you!


E Mail or Call To Get The Process Started - 401-477-4748

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